For individuals


I have been working with Mrs Curik for quite some time now. I can highly recommend her in any subject area. So far, she has been able to recognize, point out and solve my problems in every situation in my life, or bring me closer to my desired goal in great strides.

First, she takes a systematic and goal-oriented approach to the topic addressed. During the session she likes to switch to an absolutely intuitive approach, which fascinates me again and again. She actually always finds the cause and then solves it with me in various ways.

She does not only have an open ear but is also full of compassion and understanding for many complicated life situations. I don’t want to miss her as a life coach.

C. Fricke, Sales

Due to simultaneous major changes in almost all areas of my life, I reached the limits of my capacity. In this exceptional situation, Mrs Curik was recommended to me.

Already during the first coaching session, she helped me to restore a structure of myself. In subsequent meetings individual topics were considered in more detail. My own contradictions, blockages, traumatic experiences as well as strategies for solving these were considered sensitively and discussed at my pace. Emotions may be lived, one’s own personality with all facets is lovingly supported.

Mrs. Curik’s combination of mental and intuitive clarity has helped me a lot in my reflections and also in the realization of upcoming decisions. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs support at work or in private life situations.

C. Stumpf, Artist

I learned a lot about myself and my family, even though I thought I knew myself best. You walked with me through my “inner self” with such an ease, that I could also allow the unusual to happen. I felt very well taken care of and will gladly book you again soon.

Annette Hoffmann, Management Assistant, Offenbach