Decision-making –

Are you familiar with this: the fear of change? Well, so am I. But, why are we afraid? Because we do not know what comes with the change. It is often the case that we have to give up what we are used to in order to bring about a change in life.

I myself have made three radical changes in my life, all at once: 1) I quit my job, 2) separated (amicably) from my partner and 3) left my familiar surroundings and relocated (twice to another country). Would I do that again? Yes! But, perhaps not in this radical way. Changes are – consciously or not consciously – a constant companion of our life.

We see it in nature: the seasons change and you change with them. The confidence that tomorrow the sun will rise again, comes from our power of memory to imagine it. However, when you are amidst a process of change, it is often difficult to imagine the outcome and that you will be happier at the end of the road travelled.

Decide for yourself – a first step

The first step on the path of change is the decision that you want to change something! Often you can first verbalize what you no longer want before you even know what you really want. As on the chessboard shown, every move, every step, has an effect on the whole.  And every step is accompanied by a decision to do take the next step. You cannot decide not to decide. Avoiding a decision is also a decision – the decision against a change. If you want a change, I can only recommend to bring it about consciously and in small steps – depending on how it feels right for you. Because every change is a process and the path leading to it is just as important as the outcome. To bring about changes, you should be able to say in the retrospect:
“I have grown by it and am not regretting a single moment”.